Dinners with friends corporate dinners weddings and private events, The staff will be happy to organize and make your day unforgettable.

Il Chiringo is a wonderful place to spend your family days with friends and also to think about organizing your own private event. the location suits any wish you want,

Enjoy this position by the sea and make your event magical.

We offer menu suggestions below and clearly for private events with venue rentals like wedding, the menu is customizable.

Pasta menu

Barbecue menu

Paella menu

where clearly the name of the menu represents the main dish you choose

And after each menu it has different price levels:

Pasta menu

2 starters to share and choose

1 plate of pasta or a bis da choose

35 euros


3 starters to share and choose

1 plate of pasta or bis da choose

40 euros


Seafood paella menu

has the same advantage

2 starters with seafood paella

35 euros


3 starters with seafood paella

40 euros

Barbecue menu

2 starters. 30 euros

3 starters. 35 euros

barbecue main dish gives choose

meat plus 10 euros

fish plus 20 euros

mixed plus 15 euros

Barbecue is the absolute novelty of the 2020 chiringo season.


All menus include

water, coffee and a bottle of wine (red / white / cava / rosato) every 3 people